The Best Donut Recipes

From farmer’s donut to donut casserole. The fluffy breezy enjoyment with jam, vanilla, nougat, nuts or Powidl is popular among young and old. Donuts are easy to use in Austria. Already as a child one learns to find the place with the hole, so that does not run out while jamming the jam and is happy about a funny beard of powdered sugar after the first bite. Donuts have a long tradition. Although they are not exactly one of the healthiest desserts, but just because the Faschingskrapfen have emerged, with which you have before the beginning of Lent in the old monasteries once again really fucked up the stomach. Donuts are made from yeast dough and are therefore not always easy to prepare. Also, to get the classic shape, it requires the right technology. Here you will find not only the best donut recipes helpful tips & tricks and a simple video tutorial, so your fluffy donuts guaranteed to succeed at home.

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